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    unemploymentoffice thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Office The Pennsylvania Unemployment Office exists to help you file for unemployment, but more, to help you find a new job. In our current economy and with the rise in unemployment that has been part of our states recent history, the Pennsylvania Unemployment office can be used for so much more than just filing for your initial unemployment claims.


    Unemployment has risen sharply in Pennsylvania lately but there is some good news as well. The main unemployment offices in Pennsylvania have offerings that can help you beat the trends and get back into employed status in record time.

    benefitsapplication thumb1 Pennsylvania Unemployment Office The main regions of Unemployment in Pennsylvania and the offices which may have the most to offer to you will be the multiple unemployment offices located in Erie Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Pennsylvania unemployment offices and the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania unemployment offices.


    Your PA Careerlink offices are available to you all across the state of Pennsylvania. Larger regions will have more than one careerlink office in their area. These areas are of course the larger metropolitan areas such as the pa careerlink offices in Erie area, careerlink offices of Philadelphia area, along with the Pittsburgh careerlink offices.

    For your information and to find a PA careerlink office near you, you can check the main PA CareerLink web site which is located at

    uenmployemofficejobfair Pennsylvania Unemployment Office https://www.cwds.state.pa.us/cwdsonline/

    This link will offer you the chance to search the best location for an unemployment office or pa careerlink office that is closest to you. Additionally you may also phone the main unemployment office of Pennsylvania at the numbers listed below to help you locate a PA careerlink office.

    Pennsylvania unemployment is easily applied for using the resources that are available to you on the PA Careerlink site, and will be far more easy to accomplish if you apply from there. You may however if necessary apply at a Pa careerlink office, although you will likely face some wait time when you apply in person.

    The careerlink offices offer you the chance to use the computers which are in house to search out the job you’d like to apply for, or to send your resume in online and apply for the job while you are in the PA Careerlink office.

    Pennsylvania Unemployment offices, while a great place to visit and get new information and updates, is not only for filing for unemployment. Currently in Pennsylvania, and available to you at the PA careerlink office, you will find more than 1000 training programs which will help you to gain insight into a new career path. Vocational or technical training as well as tuition assistance is also available to you from your Pennsylvania unemployment office.

    When you are unemployed and need new training, new educational opportunities or simply to seek out and apply for a new job in the quickest time possible, Pennsylvania unemployment offices can help.

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